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CBO has came out with an economic outlook and forecast. The forecast though is looking pretty gloomy! The statistics and predictions are pretty terrifying and honestly, quite depressing. Basically our economy is going to go through hell and back for about nine more years. This forecast should wake Obama up and let him now, “Hey! The rest of your term, do your job, you idiot!”. But knowing dumb-ass Obama he more then likely will not do his job and if he does decide to do his job he’ll only cause more HARM then anything!

CBO Forecast Key Parts:

  • Till’ 2014 unemployment is estimated to be above 8%
  • Cumulative deficits total $3.5 trillion between 2012-2021
  • By end of 2021 debt is estimated to be 60% of the GDP

That’s all pretty important, serious and alarming. But what really caught my eye is that unemployment is estimated to be ABOVE 8% for approximately two more years, and probably many more years of ridiculous unemployment if our country doesn’t get back on track, and the way we’re going now really is not the right way to be going!

Barack Obama doesn’t know what to do and he will continue not knowing what to do. I honestly think Obama is too stupid when it comes to do decision making to do his job! Barack Obama is ignorant and he more then likely will not realize that this forecast is serious. Him and his communistic socialistic admin (bastards) never take anything serious and that’s why Obama is a failure. Nothing is ever serious too him and thee American citizens are just little pieces to his board game. This is all apart of his sick game!

Many have asked and are continuing to ask, “Will Obama fix our economy and our unemployment?”. The really sad thing is that Americans have been asking that question about Obama since he’s been in office. Here’s the very simple answer to that question! No, Obama will not fix our countries economy and even if he does try he won’t be able to. Obama is incapable of fixing this country, therefore he is just incapable of being our president. Obama has done many many things, but all of the things he has done so far have been terrible things. Barack Obama is clueless when it comes to creating jobs, jump-starting our economy and helping/understanding the free market/enterprise.

What I love to hear the most is, “Obama COULD and he WOULD if the GOP would let him!”. That’s a very classic, yet hilarious, Liberal thought. A classic and typical Liberal thought is very bad because those thoughts generally come out of their ass-holes and they spread around like a nasty fart and everyone has to get a good wiff’ of that nasty stench! A Liberals thought is the raunchiest thing around but sadly goes around a lot. Anyways, Obama could? No he couldn’t! He’s too stupid to comprehend how to fix an economy and create jobs. And no he wouldn’t because like I said he is too stupid! And the GOP will let him…. IF HE PROPOSES A LOGICAL IDEA!!! Sadly Obama has no logical ideas, and that is pathetic and appalling our leader cannot even think of an idea!

Well, I hope Obama enjoys his vacation and doesn’t come back until 2012 so he can lose thee election and get out of office and do us all a favor!

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