Change We Can Believe In…?

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“When I said, ‘Change we can believe in,’ I didn’t say, ‘Change we can believe in tomorrow,’ ” –Barack Obama Said Yesterday, August 26th

Obama promises us change NEXT term! Okay, now I get it… His great plan starts off with a TERRIBLE first term but then he pulls something out of his ass the next term and puts America back together! If we give Obama one more term to be our president, this nation will be destroyed. This nation is near destruction, so why give him four more years to do the same thing, cause harm?

“They’ve still got the Obama poster, but it’s all kind of frayed. And Obama is grayer. He doesn’t seem as cool,” -Obama at a private Manhattan Fundraiser two weeks ago

No Barack, it’s not that you’re not as “cool” or that you’re “grayer”, it’s just that you’re policies and theories and techniques are just flat out garbage and your lies, your dirty tactics and your flowery speeches are starting to unravel. The people are starting to see the real, manipulative, idiotic and useless Barack. People can see through your smooth talking, your fake sincerity, your fake love and compassion AND YOUR UNACCOMPLISHED PROMISES!

The fact that you promised everything great to Americans, and then didn’t do any of it, is the reason that you’re not so “cool” anymore Mr. President. And why are you even wanting to be voted because of your popularity and “coolness“? Being a politician isn’t ALL a popularity contest and isn’t about who’s “cooler”! It’s about the politics, the policies and the knowledge of any candidate! Barack, you shouldn’t be in politics, you need to be in movies or theater, because you are one hell of an actor! You sure do know how to make everything that’s fake and everything that’s a lie seem like reality.

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