Dean Heller: Bringing the Truth In Weekly Address

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During the GOP weekly address Barack Obama and his jobs policies got bashed.

(CNN) – In the GOP weekly address, Nevada Sen. Dean Heller blasted President Barack Obama for his economic policies and said the country is still waiting for an effective job-creation plan.

“It is clear that the approach of this administration and its supporters have taken for economic recovery has failed miserably,” Heller said Saturday.

Citing his home of Nevada as the worst-hit state in the recession, Heller blamed rampant spending in Washington, the new health care reform law, and a “seemingly endless stream” of regulations for crippling and killing jobs.

“The American public and businesses alike are waiting on a plan that can plant the seeds of economic growth and bolster job creation,” Heller said.

His remarks come more than a week after Obama announced he would propose a jobs plan soon after Labor Day.

Among suggested solutions for recovery, Heller advocated a balanced budget amendment, more open rules on energy exploration and a repeal of Obama’s sweeping health care reform.

The tax code also needs reform, Heller said, and made simpler for individuals and employers by cutting out “special interest loopholes.”

“The continual threat of tax increases feeds the uncertainty that serves as an impediment to economic growth,” he said.

Heller also called for an end to “scare tactics” employed by members of Congress regarding Medicare and Social Security.

No one wants to end the entitlement programs, he said, but they do need adjustments.

“They will not be around for our generation or the next unless Congress takes the necessary steps to strengthen these programs,” Heller said. “They can be fixed, but the lies have to stop.”

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