Perry Beating Obama In National Polls

Posted on September 1, 2011 by


The poll numbers not only solidify the governor’s position as the front-runner in the race for his party’s nomination, they also suggest he has traction among a broader population of bipartisan voters.  The survey comes as Perry prepares for his first presidential debate against his Republican rivals for the presidential nomination next week.  It also coincides with the release of the first campaign advertisement targeting Perry’s record as governor of Texas.

The Rasmussen Reports survey shows Perry leading President Obama in a head-to-head race by 44% to 41%.  When the 3% margin of error is factored into the numbers, the data suggests it’s a dead heat. -KHOU Texas Article

That’s right, Governor Perry is on top! But sadly, not by much. Only by 3%, not a whole lot. So Perry just needs to keep on top and keep pushing. Perry and his 2012 future is looking good, but Perry has to keep it looking sharp if he plans on winning!

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