Economic Recovery Is A Joke!

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Thee unemployment for August is at 9.1%, last month at 9.2%. Hey, 0.1% improvement! WOOHOO! No, not woohoo actually. It’s actually “Damn it!” not woohoo. How can thee American people just sit back and listen to our government preach to us there’s a recovery on the way then see that the unemployment for the month is at 9.1%? That’s pretty pathetic. How could America, the greatest nation in the whole wide world, sit back while there’s 9.1% of American citizens WITHOUT A JOB!? Is all I can honestly say is until 2012 (and possibly longer unless the right person is elected) we’re S.O.L.

I could take my time to just bitch and bitch and bitch about Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Joe Biden or other liberals. Well, I am going to bitch about one of those liberals, but not all of them. I am going to choose ummm, Obama! If you didn’t know I love to pick on that guy… mainly because he’s the one responsible for this mess because he’s our leader!

Obama was talking then on August 5th about how his “singular focus is thee American people. Getting thee unemployed back on the job, lifting there wages, rebuilding that sense of security the middle class has felt slipping away for years, and helping them recover fully as families and communities from the worst recession any of us have ever seen.” Well I am glad to see that Mr. Obama was an optimistic SOB with one heck of a goal to help out thee American people. And I bet he was pretty chipper the unemployment was down, but now he’s seen the August unemployment, he probably wasn’t so chipper. Obama was sounding convinced he’d help us all out with jobs and thee economy… but now it’s the end of August and that was the beginning of August. That was then this is now. And then he sounded like he had a plan to at least deduct the unemployment AT LEAST 1 or 2%. And now, he’s deducted the unemployment not 1%, but 0.1%. NOT IMPROVEMENT AT ALL! And I will not live in the past and pick apart that video from about a month ago. But I am trying to prove that Obama is worthless and is doing nothing for our country. If we the people were really his primary focus, we’d be in a real recovery. This economy is sadly still at the starting line and our economy is failing to start the race towards the finish, aka a recovery. And Obama, last thing, get your facts straight, this isn’t anywhere near the worst recession we’ve seen, the worst we’ve seen was in 1930. But people, listen to me, if we keep Mr. Obama in office then our upcoming 2012 WILL be a rewind back to the 1930’s!

Alright, now here’s this quote from the video, I won’t be shredding this quote into pieces like the last paragraph. “We have to create more jobs then that each month” said Obama later on in that video. Well here’s all I have to say about this quote, and I am going to sound like a broken record, WHERE ARE ALL OF THESE JOBS WE NEED TO CREATE?!

Next quote is, “We are going to get through this” NOT WITH YOU AS PRESIDENT!

“We’ve got to work together to grow thee economy right now and strengthen our long-term finances.” Obama has no plan put in place yet (and I don’t see a good plan anywhere in the future if Obama is in charge) to strengthen our economy or our long-term finances. Here’s a simple plan for you Mr. Obama, CUT SPENDING, CAP SPENDING, BALANCE THE BUDGET! Cut, cap and balance will create jobs, strengthen thee American people and their finances, and strengthen our countries finances, short-term and long-term. But that plan won’t be put into play because Obama is clueless about the economy.

Obama promised the recovery then and he’ll probably promise it again at his upcoming speech… but he will fall short and fail like he’s done his whole term. I sound pessimistic, but there’s no hope with this man in office!

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