Obama Jobs Speech: Won’t Be Passed (VIDEO)

Posted on September 9, 2011 by


First and foremost Obama’s jobs speech last night would have been awesome if it was still 2009! We’ve heard the same stuff over and over from Mr. Obama and he keeps doing the same thing, not following through. He promises so much and EITHER doesn’t do that at all or he does the exact opposite of what he said. Second of all I don’t even know how many times that man said that Congress needed to pass his jobs bill.

Obama’s jobs bill wont get passed. I know that you all know this but I’m going to say it anyways, the House has to pass the bill, then Senate passes it, then Obama signs it into law… that’s the basic process. And that process WON’T work because the House is a red house with a lot of red people in it, and this blue law won’t settle very well with the red people. It’ll be rejected! That’s that…

There’s a difference between should it be passed and will it be passed. People (politicians especially) do things that they shouldn’t do and they do things they should do. Like should the border have a fence? Yes, but politicians won’t make that happen. Should Obama’s bill be passed? Would it be in Americas best interest? Hell no!

Obama doesn’t need to spend $447bn on jobs AGAIN! That won’t work. This will only KILL our economy.


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