66% Of Young Americans Don’t Trust Social Security…

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There was a survey to young adults from the ages of 18-29 asking if they felt secure giving their money to Social Security. 66% of them felt safer keeping their money under their pillow… And I cannot blame them. I am one of those young Americans and I DEFINITELY DO NOT feel safe giving my money to the feds.

Me giving money to Social Security is like going down a road you know leads to a dead end… flat out stupid, irresponsible, and unreliable. The money that majority of Americans put into Social Security 20 years ago will NEVER EVER get their money back for their retirement like planned. Social Security could have been a successful and reliable program if the government didn’t dip into those funds as much as they please! That’s wrong and it just won’t work!

Federal spending is out of control and that’s the one and only reason OUR SOCIAL SECURITY IS IN TROUBLE! That’s really sad that our Social Security is in the same damn toilet Hilary Clinton drinks out of… (haha sorry. I know that joke was unnecessary but I just really wanted to say it!).

I’m all for dumping Social Security and privatize our healthcare system. No more government ran healthcare. I want a choice on who’s going to be taking care of my money that’s supposed to go towards my retirement eventually… and the big spending pigs in Washington isn’t who I trust (Democrats and Republicans alike!).

Generation Opportunity today highlighted a figure from its national survey of young adults ages 18-29 from across the political spectrum. When asked the specific question, “in your opinion, is your Social Security money safer with the federal government or under your pillow?” 66% of young voters indicated the money is safer under their pillow.

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