Obama’s Fan Club Gone

Posted on September 15, 2011 by


Obama’s top fans in 2012 were the great youth! The younger generation really loved Obama. Something about him just tickled their fancy. But not so much anymore. Thee Americans from ages 18-29 who participated in a survey with “Generation Opportunity” made a point they’re pissed off about the Federal Governments spending habit, Social Security management, and the Feds overall performance!

  • 66% believe  money would be safer under pillow then in Social Security
  • 66% concerned about debt
  • 71% concerned about deficit
  • 76% want fed spending REDUCED!!!
  • 69% believe feds need to sacrifice NOW!!!
  • 31% approve Obama’s handling of youth unemployment
  • 56% believe wrong leadership in Washington
  • 61% in 2012 will vote based on candidates record NOT charisma
  • 57% will learn more about candidates policy in 2012 unlike they did in 2008
  • 69% DON’T believe political leaders reflect youth interests
  • 24% believe America on right track

Hmm Obama, it looks like your little minions aren’t very happy. If Barry was smart he’d probably start fixing the problem… Oh wait! He doesn’t know what to do and that’s why when 2012 comes around America needs a leader who can not only work for the older Americans but also work for the youth. The youth matters!

Obama, according to the survey, has lost all of his youth fan club. Barry, you’re doomed. The poor guys party and older Americans have been getting ready for ’12 to say adios amigo and now the USA youth is rethinking their decision to vote for him in this upcoming election. So what can Barack do? It’s simple, nothing! He’s already slipped and fell in the hole that hes dug up… and he can’t get out!


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