Tax the Rich, Feed the Poor!

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If Obama really thinks that cutting entitlements, raising taxes, and war savings is going to benefit our economy and nation positively then he must be completely out of his mind! Barack Obama has it all wrong. The rich are the job creators. Taxing the rich is only going to, obviously, destroy those who are rich which will only destroy chances to get jobs created, and that’s not what we need. We NEED jobs!

If Bama really thinks this’ll reduce the feds debt by $3tn within the next 10 years…. then he’s probably right! Raising the taxes on the rich folk will help the government pay for the mess they got us into, but it’ll destroy those who are more wealthy then others. The great thing about America is that you’re able to pursue your happiness, chase your dreams, and eventually catch those dreams and turn those dreams into a reality. The great thing about America is that you can have more money then that bum down the street in the ally and the government won’t do anything about it because you worked for that money and you earned that money. In America not everyone is going to be financially or economically equal! But Bama is trying to destroy your opportunity to make more money then someone else. He’s doing that by trying to create a more socialistic and communistic society. Doing that will destroy our nation.

Raising taxes by $1.5tn (mainly raising it on the rich) is a lot of money. So the GOP are terrible tyrannical people for not raising taxes on rich and protecting the rich people to keep the money they already have… but when the Democrats are tyrannical to the rich and try to tear down the legacy and empire they’ve built with hard-work and desire then they are all mighty protectors of all that is good and get all the love they could ever imagine? That doesn’t make sense and that doesn’t seem right…

What really toots my horn, revs my engine, motors my boat and just flat out pisses me off is that Obama is promising this to all of us!

In laying out his proposal, aides said, Mr. Obama will expressly promise to veto any legislation that seeks to cut the deficit through spending cuts alone and does not include revenue increases in the form of tax increases on the wealthy. -From NY Times Article

Okay so all mighty Obama is basically just saying, “If your rich… well… don’t be calling yourself that anymore!”



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