Hey States, Take the Power Back!

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Today I was reading the NY Times and there’s an article in here titled, “States to Regain Powers on Education Standards” When I first read that I had a joyous feeling throughout my body (sorry, that’s a little bit too fruity and dramatic). I love the thought of the states getting the power back to control education! The feds are overrunning and destroying thee education system. The school systems aren’t even meeting their primary (if not only) purpose in this nation because the feds are too in control of the education system. The schools primary (if not only) purpose in this nation is to educate. Schools need to take on the Libertarian party’s motto, “More Freedom, Less Government!”.

When I was watching the GOP debate on Friday they mentioned a polls  that Google had setup during the debate. The poll was what federal department should America get rid of. 40% of the voters voted for the education department! The feds don’t need to be in our schooling systems! I am going to continue basing my thoughts on education off of the Libertarian party. In a little packet about where the Libertarian party stands on the issues it talks about education. “Republicans and Democrats would like to convince you that state-mandated education– driven by public schools– is the only answer for educating Americas youth. This notion could not be any more false.” Quite frankly where I stand on this issue is just like the Libertarians, DOWN WITH PUBLIC EDUCATION! Okay, I know the Libertarians didn’t say that but in a way they implied that. I say down with public education, but others LOVE public ed. So why not keep public ed around BUT make it easier for schools to be privatized and not be ran by Uncle Sam!

With his declaration on Friday that he would waive the most contentious provisions of a federal education law, President Obama effectively rerouted the nation’s education history after a turbulent decade of overwhelming federal influence.

Mr. Obama invited states to reclaim the power to design their own school accountability and improvement systems, upending the centerpiece of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law, a requirement that all students be proficient in math and reading by 2014. -NY Times Article

There’s an OBVIOUS reason why Obama is doing this. Everyone wants the feds out of the schools Obama will act like he loves the idea of turning schools loose to the states again just because elections are coming up soon. So that’s a negative to this idea because now Obama is getting love from others and that increases his chances of killing our nation for another term.

The positive side of this is that well, states have more power with the schools! But if you continue reading the article you see Obama really isn’t giving that much back to the states. You can tell that he isn’t truly on board with this whole idea of states having control over education because of what he said about waiving the No Child Left Behind law.

“This does not mean that states will be able to lower their standards or escape accountability,” the president said. “If states want more flexibility, they’re going to have to set higher standards, more honest standards that prove they’re serious about meeting them.”

Standards, accountability, flexibility? Really Obama? Schools cannot meet any of your standards because your standards are coming off as illogical because you don’t say what those standards are! And the best way for schools to meet educational standards is by letting the states have power. Each state is very unique. Test scores are different in every state and school district. So for the feds to continue to hold power over education just won’t work because each school has different needs. And one big choice that applies to all schools just might not work for every single school in America.

So not ONLY does the federal government need to quit getting involved with public schooling but also parents should have a more vast variety between public schooling and private schooling. States need to have all power of public schooling and states need to enact laws that would allow more opportunity and choice by letting there be more private schooling. States need to have more power with education so that then the states can evaluate each schooling districts needs and improvements and struggles so that then the schools get their needs met! It’s all about getting the job done… and having the feds in charge ISN’T getting the job done whatsoever.

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