Herman Cain

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Herman Cain....

I’ve flip flopped all over about the candidates I’ve liked and not liked. I was lovin’ Mitt Romney at first but he’s much to moderate and the GOP never has and never will win with a moderate, then all the sudden here comes Perry and I loved him but he’s much to moderate as well and he stumbles so much and it’s embarrassing, then all of the sudden here comes Herman and he’s tied at 1st with Romney, Newt in 2nd, and Perry in 3rd. When I saw that it drew more attention to Herman for me. So I started listening to him and thought hmm, that’s great! I like Herman. He’s very conservative and right now we need somebody who actually knows how to deal with money because this economy is so dead and this economy is so doomed. Herman is so well educated in money and business. I have reasons to believe he’s a great choice… but then there’s also some concerns!


That video above is one reason I really like Mr. Cain. Herman Cain knows so much about money and thee economy… and you could tell he knew so much just by the way he was speaking to Clinton. I know though it’s no surprise to everyone Herman knows just a little about money. So this is my main and base reason to believe that Herman is a great choice. My main reason isn’t that he knows how to debate with Bill the baboon. My main reason is that he knows what he’s doing and he knows and I guarantee you he’d jump-start this  economy! It’s no secret our economy is in the dump… and it’s no secret President Barack Obama is completely uneducated and unexperienced on thee economy. Herman on the other hand isn’t ill-experienced on thee economy. Herman’s “9-9-9” plan is brilliant. Obama and no other candidates could ever even think something up like that.

Economic Guiding Principles 

Below is something from Herman’s page “9-9-9” on his campaign site! This is brilliant and he knows what he’s talking about…

  1. Production drives the economy, not spending. Production is the engine, consumption is the caboose.
    • We can not spend our way to prosperity.
    • Government spending is like taking a bucket of water from the deep end of the pool, pouring it in the shallow end. Then they HOPE that the water level will CHANGE.
  2. Risk taking drives growth .
    • Business formation and job creation are dependent on entrepreneurs taking risks.
    • Investors who fund those entrepreneurs likewise take risks.
  3. Measurements must be dependable.
    • A dollar must always be a dollar just as an hour is always 60 minutes.
    • Sound money is crucial for prosperity.

It’s no joke we need a new tax code and a new approach at thee economy. Currently our government is going about the economy all wrong. Obama and the liberals are pushing the “Keynesian Economic Theory”. That theory is that our governments spends more which would hopefully create jobs and progress. But that’s not working. The government needs to but out of the businesses business! Herman isn’t a politician… he’s an average American who’s like the rest of us… pissed off at our big spending, conniving, deceiving, dirty politicians. It’d be good for a non-politician to step in. I’m not saying let the creepy guy who does open heart surgery in the back alley take care of our healthcare though… I’m saying let a pundit like Herman Cain take the leadership and do what’s best for the country… not what’s best for his political rep!

Foreign Policy, Energy, Education and All That Jazz!

This is what concerns me about Herman. He doesn’t know enough about all of the foreign policy, energy, education, immigration etc. He’s not a politician so he wouldn’t know. There’s an advantage of having Herman not be a politician, the advantage is that he will LITERALLY put the politics aside and do what’s best, but we need politicians to deal with the wars, the energy and green issue, and education etc. We’ve had great people run our country who weren’t career politicians (Ronald Reagan), but he was a governor before president and that’s something Herman hasn’t done… spend time in office. I think he should have ran for Governor honestly then ran for president.

Herman now needs to do what Fox News was advising him to do this morning… every week come out with energy, immigration, foreign policy, education etc. plans and let everyone know “I CAN RUN A PIZZA STORE AND A NATION!” We not only care about thee economy, we also care about the wars and social issues, so that’s why it’s important we know what Herman knows about the wars and social issues!