Occupy Wall Street: THERE’S NO POINT!!!

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Occupy Wall St: Rome- VIOLENT!

NEW YORK — Police say they have arrested 24 people at a rally related to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York City.

The arrests took place Saturday afternoon at a Citibank branch near Manhattan’s Washington Square Park, following an orderly march from the Occupy encampment in the financial district.

Several protesters had entered the bank to close their accounts in protest of the role big banks played in the nation’s financial crisis.

Police say most of the people arrested were detained for trespassing after they ignored a request by the bank to leave.

A few were arrested outside the bank. Police say they are accused of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. -WSJ Article

There’s no reasoning behind this madness. I’m a conservative/libertarian who LOVES the first amendment! The first amendment allows you to have a PEACEFUL protest and rally. I get that and respect that. But when there’s multiple people getting injured and arrested (WORLDWIDE) you know it’s gotten out of hand… and not so peaceful. Like I said, I’m a very staunch conservative/libertarian… I’m very fiscally conservative but pretty progressive socially. Gay marriage? It’s your choice! Abortion? It’s your choice! Peoples rights? HELL YEAH! Constitution? HELL YEAH! But like I said when people are putting others at risk then it’s out of hand. You should be able to speak your mind… peacefully. And to add on to that… there’s really just no point!

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