Defense Dollars: Cut $500 Billion Dollars?

Posted on October 18, 2011 by


“They disrespect the United States” Bachmann regarding Iran

“President Obama failed policies” reason for USA being disrespected

Bachmann says that EVERYTHING (including defense dollars) is on table for cutting. “But we cannot cut it by $500bn” -Bachmann. Bachmann didn’t really answer the question.

“I don’t wanna cut any defense.” Paul then went on to say keeping the troops out everywhere in places like Germany and Korea is putting us in debt and costing us more money. “I say it’s time to come home!” I agree completely with Mr. Paul. Putting our troops into new wars and new areas is IDIOTIC! We NEED to bring the troops home. We NEED to get out of war.

Santorum answered by saying he WOULDN’T cut “one penny” from the defense budget.

Paul feels like USA already has enough weapons so why spend more?


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