Tonight’s GOP Debate

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Tonight’s GOP debate is more then likely going to be pretty good. The debate will be hosted by and televised on CNN at 8PM ET in Las Vegas, Nevada! The moderator will be Anderson Cooper.

“The latest Republican TV debate will probably attract more attention then all the previous ones…” -Guardian UK

The top three candidates in the polls….

  1. Herman Cain: Right now Cain is on top of the chain… the fame chain and the food chain. He’s #1 on the fame chain due to his random/sudden surge into the higher rankings of the polls. Since he’s started doing better in the polls he’s been getting a lot more media attention, and the best way to win a presidential race is to, obviously, get the people to know you and to do that you need the media. He’s also #1 on the food chain for tonight because of his success in recent polls. Candidates will be trying so desperately hard to tear him into pieces… but I have a feeling it won’t work. If it was Sarah Palin, yeah, it’d work. But it’s Herman Cain… the never-been-a-politician guy! He’s owned a pizza company. He doesn’t have any bad records in office or any skeletons in the closet (that we’ve heard of). One thing that really puts Herman away from the nomination though is that A) he couldn’t, right now, even stand toe-to-toe with Obama right now in a debate B) Cain has no money. He needs to raise money!!! MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Campaigns completely based off funds for advertising. Herman also needs to get his ass down into places like Iowa and campaign! Now that Herman will have all the attention for tonight’s debate we’ll see how good Cain really is! Cain just needs to go to the debate, respond to every attack from the candidates, and give the facts out.
  2. Mitt Romney: Mitt Romney is the leader in the polls right now in  the GOP field. But Herman is still getting more attention obviously because he just recently started climbing up the ladder into the second spot in the polls (Rick Perry’s old spot). Mitt Romney has done the best in debates, has good sound plans, raised a lot of money, and is the majority favorite right now in America. With all that being said he’s looking the best for a nomination in the GOP field right now. Romney will need to hammer Herman Cain so that Herman doesn’t surge into the number one spot after tonight’s debate! And when Herman punches at Romney then Romney needs to reply with a good solid jab. Tonight we will see who should be at number 1, Romney or Cain.
  3. Rick Perry: Perry is in third place in the polls right now. My only advice for Perry tonight is… DON’T SAY ANYTHING STUPID LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO! Perry and Romney were battling for first place then Cain all of the sudden took Perry’s flame. Perry’s goal tonight is keep his words under control (don’t say anything dumb or offensive) and do better then Cain. If Perry does that I believe that Perry can take his spot back.

The rest of the candidates….

  1. Newt Gingrich: Newt Gingrich is currently number four in the polls. Newt is a very brilliant man and he needs to come out and show that. But other then that, Gingrich has NOTHING! Gingrich has absolutely no chance. He’s boring and honestly… to articulate! If Newt was smart he’d get more enthusiastic and go from dull and boring to fun, chipper, loud, optimistic and fire people up. But hey, I cannot blame the man. He’s not really capable of being any fun. He’s been around the block a few times.
  2. Ron Paul: RON PAUL! MY MAN! I love Ronny. Ron’s currently fifth in the polls. He’s a great guy, great candidate, and has great ideas. I love him because I’m just like him politically. He’s a libertarian-conservative like me. I believe, just like Ron Paul, states need much more power, individuals need to be more individual and free, smaller government (ESPECIALLY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!), more individual liberty, and cut spending. The reason Ron is staying in the race is because everyone wants smaller government and a much more controlled government. Everyone is tired of the government. Ron Paul promotes, “screw the government! Let me do my own damn thing!”. That’s why I love the man. Tonight he needs to keep doing what he always does. Get the crowd pumped up! Paul’s good at that! Ron would be a top contender if the media gave him the attention he deserves. Why the media won’t do it? I honestly don’t know. Either way Ron’s got a loyal and very enthusiastic fan club and he always has his little groupies in the crowd EVERY debate.
  3. Michelle Bachmann: Michelle is number six in the polls. Bachmann never came across to me as a serious candidate to me. She comes off to me as a non-contender just like Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, and T-Paw (when he was in the race). Bachmann has no chance.
  4. Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum: These two jokes are both tied for seventh place. I guess tonight they’ll be competing for seventh place? Woohoo!

The debate will be good tonight. I’m sure the questions will be good as well. I’m excited to see how Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry will do. I am especially excited to see how well Herman Cain does and to see if tonight he can possibly gain a lead on Romney. Also, I wonder how Rick Perry will do? Will he continue to bomb the debates and make a fool of himself? We’ll see tonight!

POLLS (from RCP): 

(NOTE: I got my polling statistics from RCP (Real Clear Politics)

23.9 Romney +0.5 23.4 Cain 12.9 Perry 8.3 Gingrich
8.1 Paul 4.9 Bachmann 1.7 Huntsman 1.7 Santorum
Poll Date Sample Romney Cain Perry Gingrich Paul Bachmann Huntsman Santorum Spread
RCP Average 10/3 – 10/16 23.9 23.4 12.9 8.3 8.1 4.9 1.7 1.7 Romney +0.5
CNN/Opinion Research 10/14 – 10/16 416 A 26 25 13 8 9 6 1 2 Romney +1
Rasmussen Reports 10/12 – 10/12 1000 LV 29 29 9 10 5 4 2 2 Tie
PPP (D) 10/7 – 10/10 484 RV 22 30 14 15 5 5 2 1 Cain +8
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl 10/6 – 10/10 336 RV 23 27 16 8 11 5 3 1 Cain +4
Reuters/Ipsos 10/6 – 10/10 410 A 23 19 10 7 13 5 2 Romney +4
WP/Bloomberg/PSRAI 10/6 – 10/9 391 A 24 16 13 3 6 4 0 1 Romney +8
Gallup 10/3 – 10/7 1064 A 20 18 15 7 8 5 2 3 Romney +2