Fast and Furious… This Isn’t a Joke!

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Two House Republicans asked President Obama today to tell them who authorized the botched gun-trafficking operation known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Shortly after public controversy over the operation started, President Obama told an Univision interview in March that neither he nor Attorney General Eric Holder authorized it. That interview was almost a month before the time period Holder claimed under oath to have found out about the operation. Blog Article

I’m begging you media to cover ‘Fast and Furious’. Oh wait a minute… they won’t because they want the all mighty Obama to get elected in 2012. If this was a GOP president who supposedly let guns cross the US border into hands of violent drug cartels I’d be demanding action as well. I am so angry there hasn’t been more attention drawn to this incident. The House of Reps hasn’t done enough and the media isn’t doing their job. Barack Obama and Eric Holder both knew what was happening. I guarantee more then just those two knew what was going on. But we don’t know anything about ‘Fast and Furious’ because not enough people are demanding to know more!

So I’m hoping the house digs deeper and hopefully more then just the Conservative Fox News will cover this incident. ‘Fast and Furious’ really says a lot about Obama and his staff…


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