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Supposedly Muammar-Al-Gadaffi, Libyan dictator, was captured and died from serious and fatal wounds. It’s not exactly official yet though. Some sources are saying he’s captured and for-sure dead WHILE OTHERS are saying he’s captures and “He’s wounded in both legs,” so we’re not exactly sure what’s going on…

SIRTE, Libya –  Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi was captured Thursday but his physical condition was unknown,

Sky News reported, citing sources independent of the Transitional National Council. -Fox News
“He’s captured. He’s wounded in both legs,” National Transitional Council (NTC) official Abdel Majid told Reuters news agency.Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi died of wounds suffered on Thursday as fighters battling to complete an eight-month-old uprising against his rule overran his hometown Sirte, Libya’s interim rulers said. His killing, which came swiftly after his capture near Sirte, is the most dramatic single development in the Arab Spring revolts that have unseated rulers in Egypt and Tunisia and threatened the grip on power of the leaders of Syria and Yemen. -JPost

The final assault began around 8 am local time and ended in about 90 minutes. Just before the assault, about five carloads of loyalists tried to flee the enclave down the coastal highway, but were met by gunfire from the revolutionaries, who killed at least 20 of them, reports said. -IndiaToday

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