Obama Admin: Changing the World One Nation at a Time

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I am so happy to see that this issue has been resolved! But I’m not happy that the USA had to be the “stars” in this liberation of a broken nation. Foreign aide isn’t permitted… ANYWHERE…  in the Constitution. I’m sure that this post will really differ with my civics teachers opinion 🙂

The United States doesn’t need to be part of any nations liberation. And this liberation has been absolutely pointless. Libya is and has been a broken nation and even though Gadaffi’s dead that DOESN’T mean that this nation will bounce back and become a Democracy! I guarantee there will sometime soon be another dictator taking over Libya and I guarantee that our president and massive government will step in and play the roll of God and free Libya.

There’s no reason for us to get involved in Libya and we aren’t financially stable enough as a nation to go help other nations. LETS WORRY ABOUT OUR OWN NATION!!! Trust me, I am all for helping others and being a joint group in this world. But there are times when you have to quit worrying about what’s best for others and think and do what’s best for YOURSELF!


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