2012 Election.0: Campaigning Online is KEY

Posted on October 26, 2011 by


The web is the only way anyone will win in 2012. Candidates need to blog, upload, tweet, poke, send and IM. Campaigning online will be the most efficient way for a candidate to win this upcoming election. Not only does the presidential candidates need to focus online BUT so does candidates running for Senate and House. Local candidates also need to really hit the web hard as well.

Everyone’s transitioning with electronics. With nearly a new phone out every week (and that new phone from 3 months ago dying) you have to make that transformation from simple everyday life to more complex electronic everyday life. Nearly everyone has a smartphone, a laptop or tablet, and a PC. The new tech era is killing a lot of things though sadly, but the new tech era is ALSO bringing a lot of things to life! No one has a flip phone anymore, newspapers are dying and their only hope is online news, and now the web has to be a key tool for anyone running for office.

Right now the best candidate (online) is Ron Paul. Ron Paul has to base his presidency online because the TV news media WON’T give him thee attention he deserves.

Every candidate needs to REALLY work hard campaigning online SIMPLY BECAUSE everyone uses the web and that’s the best way to reach everyone. You cannot reach everyone with one TV ad because not everyone tunes into the same station and you cannot reach everyone with one newspaper ad because not very many people read the newspaper AND even if people do read the paper everyone ISN’T reading the same paper!


If the GOP wants to win 2012 the candidates, GOP party members that aren’t running or aren’t elected, the GOP party as a whole and other GOP elected officials (federal House Representatives, federal Senators, state Senators, state Representatives, mayors, governors etc.) NEED to campaign online! The GOP has to focus so intensely on the web because that’s how Obama won last year… he was the best candidate who campaigned online.