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I was born in the small but great town of Alliance Nebraska. But I heard in the news this morning a mother in Nebraska is going to jail for putting her kids (3 and 5 years old) in a cage! So this morning I’m and embarrassed to say I’m from Nebraska…

A North Platte, Neb., mother, a married couple and one other adult who live in her home have been arrested after police discovered two of the woman’s sons, 3 and 5, caged in the type of wire kennel usually used for a pet, the Omaha World-Heraldand other news organizations are reporting.

The kennel measured 42-by-28-by-30 inches, police tell the news organization.

Police arrested the mother, Ashly Clark, 22, along with three other adults who live in the trailer with her: Bryson Eyten, 25, Samantha Eyten, 24, and Lacy Beyer, 20. Clark’s two sons and two other children who live in the home – the 8-year-old and 8-month-old daughters of the Eytens – were placed with state authorities, according to the World-Herald and theNew York Daily News.

Clark told authorities that she placed her children in the cage to prevent them from crawling out of the windows of the home.

“They had a small child’s mattress in there and that’s where both children were sleeping,” North Platte police Lt. Rich Hoaglund tells the World-Herald. “The gate on that door was wired shut.”

The other children were living in unsanitary, unsafe conditions, according to the Omaha newspaper.

“There was trash, dirty clothing, food and animal feces and urine throughout the residence,” according to a police statement.

A neighbor who asked to remain anonymous told the World-Herald that he rarely saw the trailer occupants but often heard them.

“It seemed like they were always screaming at the kids,” the news organization quotes the neighbor as saying.

Police made the discovery after visiting the trailer to check on the family, though it is not clear why, the Daily News reports.

The adults appeared Tuesday in Lincoln County (Neb.) Court, where a judge set bail for each at $50,000, according to theWorld-Herald.

They are being held at the Lincoln County Detention Center in North Platte and have a court appearance scheduled for Thursday.

This isn’t a case of, “Only in Nebraska!!” It’s more a case of, “Only in ‘Merica!” But I don’t know if it’s only ‘Merica going crazy! I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Chinese toddler who was in the middle of a not-so-busy street and a van came buy and hit the Chinese toddler and just kept on driving without any thought of stopping. But it’s not EVERY nation in the world going crazy and lacking respect for humanity. In Turkey a 2 week old baby was rescued 2 days within the mass earthquake.

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