Ed Schultz Says ‘Mojo Rising’, I Say ‘Bad Moon Rising’

Posted on November 2, 2011 by


Ed Schultz was saying today on his show that Obamas “Mojo is Rising.” But what I see is a bad moon rising. Ed was also just ranting and raving about the fact our president is out and about talking to the people about his jobs bill that costs $447bn instead of doing his job in Washington. Barack might just be campaigning more intensely then some GOP candidates… the reason he can do that though is because he can use the “unlimited” (in Obamas mind) tax payers $$$. Obama is so desperate for reelection in 2012.

This jobs plan of Obamas here in 2011 that’s $447bn sounds quite similar to the stimulus plan in 2009 that was $787bn. Construction and other government hiring jobs are the plan (which means more government spending). But wouldn’t it be more logical to cut government spending and let the private sector hire? Well the answer to that is YES!!! The private sector did hire 110,000 people in October. What sounds better, $0 of government spending and 110,000 jobs or $447bn of government spending and approximately 115,000 jobs? Those 115,000 jobs would come from the Obama jobs plan (construction jobs).

Not only is Obamas jobs plan inadequate, illogical and a waste of taxpayers money but he is also a hypocrite! If I am remembering correctly Barack Obama was bitching about the fact the GOP was playing the blame game and poking fun at Obama…. BUT NOW Mr. Obama decided to spend a portion of his speech today, that was about the American Jobs act, and poke fun at Mitch McConnell from Kentucky and John Boehner, the House Speaker from Ohio.

So what I’ve concluded to today is that Obamas jobs plan is dumb, Ed Schultz is and “Idiot on the Left” and Obama is a hypocrite. Yepp, nothing new from Obama and his left-wing buds like Schultz…

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