GOP=Racist, Claims Democrat… Nothing Has Changed

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Not “illegal immigrant” or even “illegal alien,” which implies that the people cooking our food and making our beds arrived here by spaceship. But merely “illegal.” Maybe in the general election, when Mitt Romney goestrolling for votes in the Southwest, he’ll soften up and merely dehumanize America’s most vulnerable people via adjective. But when you’re battling Rick Perry and Herman Cain, adjectives aren’t good enough. You need the noun.

“Illegal” is the latest in a long line of euphemisms that politicians use to signal their antipathy to a reviled racial or ethnic group, in this case, Latinos. No, no, you say, this has nothing to do with animosity toward Hispanics; it’s about protecting the border and obeying the law. Really? Then why don’t we call the CEOs of the companies that hire illegal immigrants “illegals”? Our last three presidents all violated America’s drug laws. The current Treasury secretary violated America’s tax laws. Former House majority leader Tom DeLay recently was convicted of money laundering. I look forward to hearing Mitt Romney and Fox News refer to them as “illegals” too. Column

That was the second and third paragraph from a column in “The Daily Beast”by Peter Beinart. So let me look through the lenses that Mr. Beinart is looking through… Rapists will no longer be rapists, murderers will no longer be murderers, Christians will not be Christians, Peter Beinart will no longer be aloud to call himself a Democrat, I cannot call myself a Conservative-Libertarian, Barack Obama will not be addressed as the president, Mayor Bloomberg will no longer be considered a Mayor etc. The reason I say that is because all that I listed and the words, “illegals” and “illegal aliens”, are merely classifications. On Peter you will no longer be labeled as “Author Peter Beinart” you can now be labeled “Human Peter Beinart.”

There will also no longer be what you referred to in your column Peter, “Latinos” or “racial or ethnic group(s).” There will also be no more nouns, everything will all be words, or if you want words can be equal to humans! And so can animals, plants, toys, TV’s etc.

Am I going to the extreme about all of this? Yes, yes I am,  but that’s because Peters column was just stupid! If the GOP and others against the ILLEGALS wanted to dehumanize ILLEGALS then they’d simply refer to the illegals as “it” or “thing” or “that”. But that wouldn’t happen. Here in America, and essentially around the globe, we all have pride and respect for human value and human life. But especially here in America we have a strong sense of pride and respect for the value of justice and the maintenance of justice. Without justice there’d be no sense of human value or human life. But breaking the law isn’t just and then therefore there’d be no respect for human life or human value.

P.S. Peter you come off as racist by saying that all ILLEGALS  make our beds and cook our food…


























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