Occupy the Feds

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Occupy Wall St. is one big protest with one big voice against banks and corporations (CAPITALISM) and specifically bail outs. Complaining and bitching about bailouts, CEO’s, banks, big businesses etc. is one thing but not knowing where these free handouts are coming from is a completely different scenario.

The big bail outs that everyone is complaining about all come from the feds. People like Barack Obama, George Bush, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan etc. Bail outs aren’t fair to the people at all. We’re paying taxes so the government can do their duty… provide for us. That’s why we give into the social contract theories, because we will give up some of our powers to the government so they can provide for us, the people. But that’s not providing for us by bailing out greedy CEO pigs. Capitalism isn’t built on big handouts. Capitalism is built on hard work (without the governments assistance).

I cannot blame the protesters from protesting big banks and big businesses… but the protesters need to quit blaming the businesses and start blaming those who are actually guilty, BIG FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! No one can have self liberty and freedom with big government standing behind you breathing down your neck telling you what’s right and what’s wrong. That also applies not only to the average everyday Jo but to big businesses. The government has no right to step into your business and tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

So what’s the solution? Shut down the fed?! Yeah… I wish. But then we’d all be screwed because we’d have no national military and we do need a military because of all of the idiotic wars we’ve gotten involved in. Many nations globally hate America because we don’t know how to mind our own business. So we cannot end the fed. But what we can do is quit letting the feds do illogical things like bailout big corporations and banks, start stupid wars, give foreign aid out the ass and pass big spending, job killing, economy destroying laws.

The feds are the real problem. The federal government is so corrupt simply because they’ve misused all of the powers they have. America to the feds is like a game. Their negative actions may have terrible outcomes on us, but they don’t care! So I say OCCUPY THE FEDS!


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