Senate GOP Says No to Irresponsible Government Spending!

Posted on November 3, 2011 by


Republicans in the Senate Thursday dealt President Obama the third in a string of defeats on his stimulus-style jobs agenda, blocking a $60 billion measure for building and repairing infrastructure like roads and rail lines.

Supporters of the failed measure said it would have created tens of thousands of construction jobs and lifted the still-struggling economy. But Republicans unanimously opposed it for its tax surcharge on the wealthy and spending totals they said were too high.

Thank the lord. The Democrats are completely fiscally¬†irresponsible. If Obamas infrastructure plan would’ve passed then jobs would’ve been created. But eventually the job would be done and there’d obviously no longer be workers working when that construction job is done. So paying $60bn of taxpayers money (ESPECIALLY WHEN WE’RE IN A RECESSION AND IN DEBT!!!) to create about 10,000 temporary jobs just is illogical. The private sector is hiring and is being very effective. But mass government definitely isn’t and will continue to not do anything to help the private sector whatsoever!

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