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U.S. President Barack Obama pressed European Union officials Monday to act quickly and decisively to resolve their sovereign debt crisis, which the White House said was weighing on the American economy.

After meeting European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Obama said he was keen to see the euro crisis end.

“I communicated to them that the United States stands ready to do our part to help them resolve this issue. This is of huge importance to our economy,” Obama, seated next to the EU leaders, told reporters.

Obama did not say what kind of help Washington may be able to offer – a real question mark in light of the fiscal pressures gripping Congress.

Ahhhhh yes. This is an example of Americas pathetic dependence on other countries. On my site I’ve said multiple times CUT FOREIGN AID and MIND OUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS and GET OUR NOSES OUT OF EVERYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS! I will continue to say that. America is a great country, I love my country.

Okay, imagine this everyone… A country the  leaders in that nations government put that nations citizens before other citizens of other nations! I know, it sounds to good to be true! We don’t need to be dependent on other nations. We are no longer the supreme nation on this globe, we’re the globes door-mat, WE ARE EVERYBODY ELSE’S BITCH! It’s that simple. We help every other country in a time of need, but where are they when we need help?

Our country is in a time of need… What we need is smaller government. And the government remaining from the mass downsize of our government will ACTUALLY benefit the people of that nation their governing! In my great and beautiful state of Colorado there’s toll road called E-470. That money citizens are paying to drive on that road isn’t going to our government, IT’S GOING TO CHINA! That’s a 100% true fact. Our nation sold that road to China! PATHETIC!

I want the real USA back!

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