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I don’t know if any of you can remember, but Obama in the beginning of his years of destruction he had a real tough time putting together a cabinet… Maybe the really viral joke below from the past during that time will refresh your memories?

What’s the difference between Obama and Jesus?

Jesus could actually build a cabinet!

Yeah, I’m sure you all remember now. If not or you need your memory refreshed read the following in bold and I’ll explain. If you are already aware of what happened you can skip to the non-bold and continue readingJ

How many of you have read ‘Culture of Corruption’ By Michelle Malkin? Well, I got a kindle for Christmas and that was the very first book I bought! I wanted to check it out. I haven’t read much of Malkin’s work so I figured what the hell. The first chapter is all about Barack Obama’s “botched nominations involving Obama’s ‘policy aces, whiz kids, and veteran advisers’.” Obama in his FIRST (!!!) 100 days set a record for an incoming cabinet with four major withdrawals, states Malkin in her book.  She also said that by the time he hit his 100 day mark Obama announced he had “fewer than half of the Senate-confirmed Cabinet department positions he needed to fill, and only 10 percent had been confirmed.” Ohhhh yeahhhh… the majority of the Senate at the time was Democrats. Low-blow to Obama! He didn’t only have a struggle with getting them all approved, he struggled with getting good nominees! They all seemed to have tax frauds and scandals going on. Good judgment of character BarryJ. I DO RECOMMEND ‘Culture of Corruption’ by Michelle Malkin. It’s a great book, and definitely points out things the media wont about the one and only ‘Afghan Hound’, Barack Obama!

Now Obama is going to “Name TWO Fed Board Nominees” –WSJ. I am actually really excited to see what Barry pulls out of his ass. I’ll be keeping’ up on conservative news to hear about the skeletons in these nominees’ closets (I cannot watch mainstream media to hear about the nominees’ dirt because the mainstream media wouldn’t dare put these nominees’ flaws in the spotlight).

Hopefully these goes better for Barry then it did back in June. In June Obama tried to fill two spots on the Fed Board.

Obama administration officials regrouped to identify Fed candidates after Peter Diamond, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, withdrew his nomination to the board in June in the face of Republican opposition. Richard Clarida, a potential nominee who was a Treasury official under George W. Bush, pulled out of consideration in August. -Bloomberg Article

Barack doesn’t have the best of luck with people working under his admin. These nominees are ALWAYS ditching Obama either because they get hammered on their corruption, scandals, frauds and wrong-doings OR because they have common sense and they get out of there before they have to work with Dumbo.


President Barack Obama will announce Tuesday that he plans to nominate a Harvard University finance professor and a former private-equity executive to fill the two vacancies on the seven-member Federal Reserve Board, a White House official said. The nominees are Jeremy Stein, 51 yeas old, an economist who did a five-month stint in the Treasury and White House in the early months of the Obama administration, and Jerome Powell, 58, who was undersecretary of the Treasury for domestic finance in the early 1990s during the George H.W. Bush administration. –WSJ Article

Jerome Powell would probably be pretty efficient. He IS a fiscal conservative AND he was apart of Bush seniors admin. So I do trust Powell.

My Lord, 2012 Couldn’t Come Any Sooner!!!!