Obama Wants To Raise Debt Ceiling…

Posted on December 27, 2011 by


The White House plans to ask Congress by the end of the week for an increase in the government’s debt ceiling to allow the United States to pay its bills on time, according to a senior Treasury Department official on Tuesday. –Reuters

Obama wants to increase the borrowing limit to $1.2 trillion.

Obama and all individuals with the progressive mindset (economically) don’t understand that raising the debt ceiling WILL help you pay your bills on time (which is the goal) but then when it comes time for you to pay your bills again you’ll be in the same situation and you’ll want to be raising the ceiling… AGAIN! This solution the liberals and Barack Obama have is called, “Kicking the can down the road!” That’s a terrible solution to the problem.

The Problem-

The problem is pretty obvious… Our government has spent, spent, spent and spent some more so therefore we are in the hole and we just keep digging the hole deeper (spending more and more) hoping that we’ll find a better economy. The hole our federal government is digging is called our debt and deficit. Our shovel our federal government is using to dig further and further is called the debt ceiling.

The WRONG Solution-

The solution our nation’s federal government is embracing and utilizing is the WRONG solution! The solution actually corresponds directly with the problem. Here’s what the Obama admin and liberals think will happen if they use the genius plan of spending more…

They think that if you raise the debt ceiling you can have more money to spend on paying off bills. Then when all the bills are paid off (because they spent tons of money) we’re no longer in a huge financial crisis.

Well the reality is that solution doesn’t work whatsoever. Every dollar our government spends it goes right to the pile of debt our nation upholds. That’s because we’re spending SO MUCH MORE then what we’re taking in. That’s called fiscal IRRESPONSIBILITY.

The RIGHT Solution-

The reason our government feels so compelled to raise the debt ceiling is because they’ve already spent a lot of money on all of the governmental programs apart of the mass government. Because all of the money brought in is being spent on stupid programs that leaves no money to pay off our debt and it leaves no extra money laying around in a fund JUST IN CASE our government needs cash to pay for something like mandatory bills (like the situation we’re in now).

Hmmm… well how could we possibly get more money? How could we get more money to invest more into better programs and maybe have a little bit of extra moolah laying around for our government to spend responsibly?

It’s simple…

  1. Cut stupid programs apart of our huge government. These dumb programs are acting like vacuums. They’re just sucking up money! Because these programs are sucking up so much money (because the programs need money to run) other programs that are very important, like department of defense, are having to get lower amounts of budget money, because all the active programs have to receive money as well, so that means there has to be a fair sense of distribution. BUT if we cut meaningless programs (Department of Education and EPA etc.) and leave those issues up to the states then that means that the more vital programs are receiving more money and they can run properly!
  2. Cap spending would mean the government has a SET LIMIT on how much they can spend on certain programs. That puts the obligation on the government to spend the amount they’re granted wisely. Doing this would lead to our next step…
  3. Balanced budget amendment. Balancing the budget would essentially just enforce our government isn’t spending more then what they’re taking in!

Everything I listed above is exactly what America wants and needs! We need to end big government and we need to end the out-of-control spending in Washington.