Romney: ‘I like being able to fire people!’

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I don’t know if any of you saw my tweet last night, but the tweet concerning Romney, his quote about firing people and the media basically sums up this whole post…

Al Davis @idiotsontheleft: “MSNBC loves to sit around and focus on one quote from Romney about firing workers as a leader of a business. Ahhh how I love media spin..NOT”

I was watching the New Hampshire primary last night and I would flip back and forth between different stations during commercials because obviously each station and program has different analysis and commentary of the event, different guests and different pieces of breaking news coming in. I like the diversity. The first thing I see when I switched to MSNBC was a big, ugly, horrendous beast on the screen… It goes by the name of Ed Schultz. I thought to myself, “The MSNBC coverage is going to be EVEN worse now!” I understand Ed has his own show and all and I understand he does do political commentary and that’s the only mediocre progressive talk radio host on the air waves (him and Randi Rhodes are tied for first… If you ever get compared to Randi Rhodes you know you’re a baboon).

I hate MSNBC coverage. They need to put people who are semi-non-partisan on the panel for commentary BEFORE AND DURING the event. After the event I’d say go right ahead with putting people who are left or right leaning! Al Sharpton, Ed Schulz, Rachel Madddow, Lawrence O’ Donnell and Steve Schmidt were all the before and during panelists. Al Sharpton is  quite obnoxious, so even seeing that man during the primary, and not even hearing him A LOT, still drove me insane! Ed Schulz is an arrogant liberal. That’s why the moron’s on talk radio! It’d be like Fox News putting Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly or even Sean Hannity on their panel! Lawrence O’ Donnell always annoys me. He’s very liberal as well. The part that cracked me up the most (but at the same-time sent me into deep anger) was when O’ Donnell was giving Romney a hard-time for using a teleprompter… But O’ Donnells fantasy lover Barack Obama NEVER EVER uses a teleprompter (cough, cough)…

So that was just the beginning of the MSNBC torture I was about to endure. When the subject was brought up about Romney and his quote, “I like being able to fire people!” MSNBC’s comedy providers, uhh… I mean…. commentary providers went ballistic and had themselves a hay-day! Is all I heard was, “vulture capitalist, vulture capitalist, vulture capitalist!” It was so annoying…

So I changed the channel. It was going smooth. I watched speeches, listened to some other campaign news and heard the results. REAL election news. Then Hannity’s show came on. I’m not a huge fan of Hannity… I don’t like many TV talk show hosts whatsoever, I like watching just straight up news coverage and some analysis from guests. Well Perry came on the show and Hannity let Perry squawk just a little bit and give basically a campaign speech for each question. Then Perry and Hannity got on the topic about Romney and the “I like being able to fire people!” Well Perry sounded like a liberal, Hannity and I both agree he was sounding like a complete leftist, I thought I could smell a R.I.N.O. in my living room, it was odd. Well Hannity and his guests bantered about it. By the end of the night I was so tired of hearing about Romney and his “vulture capitalist” ways.

Now that I’ve bitched about the media, I’m going to defend Romney, and bitch about the media a lil’ bit more.

  1. In the business world you will be fired if you’re not doing your job right, and Romney was just saying he likes being able to fire people if they’re not doing their job. Why should you keep someone around and pay them for not doing their job right?
  2. In the media world if you make one mistake your ass will be grass and you will be laid off. So don’t you think media you shouldn’t be so hypocritical?
  3. Media spin can only go so far… My first reaction was, “What the hell?!”, when I heard Romney’s quote about getting joy out of firing people… Then I saw the whole clip. MEDIA: Your job is to act as watchdogs for the people. That’s not a watchdog, that’s an illogical tatty-tale right there. This goes for Fox News, CNN, MSNBC (ESPECIALLY!!!) and any other news source that basically lied about Romney.

So now I’d like to show you the full quote from Romney in a video…

Below is the AP Report that came along with the video….

Mitt Romney says he likes being able to ‘fire people’ who don’t provide adequate business services. He said Monday that he wants to allow people to shop for their own health insurance and fire their health insurer if they aren’t happy with it. (Jan. 9)

When people hear this there going to think that’s cold-hearted and crazy. There going to think, “Well, if he likes firing people, how can he create jobs?” People sometimes only follow the news and politics this time of year, so they’ll believe EVERYTHING they hear from ANY news source. I was like that in my start in following news and politics! So MSNBC could cost Romney a multitude of votes just for providing the news in an edited format just like they did, and that’s obviously their goal! The media has been on Obama’s side since day one, and they’ll continue.

Romney saying he likes being able to fire people is PERFECTLY OKAY! If your not doing your job well then the employer will find someone else who can do the job better then you!