2012 ELECTION: The Tea Party and Mitt Romney…

Posted on January 12, 2012 by


The tea party and their movement. NO, I’m not talking about the group in the later 1700’s who dumped tea in the Boston Harber, although the modern tea party movement is a piggy-back movement and idea created based on the Boston tea party in 1773. I’m specifically talking about a group of really pissed off conservatives. These group of people stand-up for and fight for smaller government, a free-market economy and conservative values, morals and principles. The tea party isn’t actually a political party. A political party is an organized organization. The tea party may not be a party, but they are just as, if not more, effective  then either the Republican or Democratic party.

We all know thee election season is here! Hooray! Not only is it an election but it’s time to maybe get rid of that bueraucratic imbossell and his partner in crime, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The current people running to be nominated by the GOP is frontrunner Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum.

We have yet to see how the tea party affects national elections like the one in 2012 because the movement hasn’t been going on through any elections in modern day. Many conservatives call themselves tea party members, so obviously as a candidate to be nominated to run under the Republican establishment you’d probably be in best interest to attract tea party members. Well not many of them have done such a thing. Herman Cain was their main-man but he dropped out of the race. Rick Perry would be an okay option for the tea party, but he’s an idiot when he talks. Ron Paul is a fiscal conservative, and that probably turns them tea partiers on… then they hear him talk about foreign policy and social issues and they nearly crap in their pants! That’s probably because Ron Pauls a R(epublican)I(n)N(ame)O(nly)… A RINO! Ron Paul is really a Libertarian, and everyone knows it. So he’s out of the picture. The tea party members don’t dig Huntsman to much either, he’s too moderate! So the tea party people really like Rick Santorum. A TRUE social and fiscal conservative.

Here’s the problem for the good ol’ boys in the tea party, Santorum doesn’t have the best shot at obtaining the nomination, Romney does. Romney is a fiscal conservative which tea partiers like, but they don’t like his flip flops on abortion and other important conservative social issues. They also don’t like his health care plan he had in Massachusetts, his plan was the base and inspiration of Obamacare.


So it’d be in Romneys best interest to win them tea partiers over…

If he doesn’t? It could be bad… There could be someone running as an independent and is a complete tea party person. A lot of votes could be robbed and could go to someone out of the two party system simply because Romney isn’t conservative enough. But the problem with that is this: if independents get a lot of conservative votes because of Romney, that’s giving Barack Obama better cushion to win in 2012. It’d be the same as if Ron Paul ran as a independent or Libertarian, many votes that’d be originally GOP would go to the independent or third party candidate.

The ultimate goal in 2012 is: WIN, WIN, WIN!!!! It’s as simple as that. But if Romney does get nominated and doesn’t manage to get the tea party on his side, the tea party might just lose him an election! And if Romney loses we know the winner won’t be a third party or independent (because of the unjust electoral voting system America has instilled)… It’ll be the enemy, Barack Obama.