Ron Paul: Addressing CSU at Lory center

Posted on January 31, 2012 by


Today I’ll be missing my morning at school to watch the champion of liberty, Ron Paul, address Colorado State University. Ron Paul is the millennium generations GOP candidate.

Why is it that Paul appeals to the youth?
Ron Paul is truly a Libertarian (or Constitutional Conservative). Paul is not the typical social nazi Conservative. He’s a fiscally responsible and conservative and is more socially lenient then other candidates and has an isolationist view on foreign policy.

I read in an article written by the Conservative magazine National Review that majority of youth advocate for cut, cap and balance and advocate for isolationist foreign policy. The youth want freedom and Paul gives them their freedom fix.

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Wanna see Ron Paul today?! Come now! Doors open at 9am speech starts at 10am. Tickets are gone BUT there’s a standing section! That’s where I’ll be…