Contraception Pill Compromise: Lets Talk About the Economy, NOT Worthless Social Issues

Posted on February 11, 2012 by


“They are [Obama admin is] taking faith and crushing it,” –Santorum Texas rally. Santorum also went on to say at the rally “When you marginalize faith in America, when you remove the pillar of God-given rights, then what’s left?”

These two quotes lead me to some questions… Can the Obama admin, or any politician for that matter, POSSIBLY take faith a crush it? Inferring that Santorum is referring to the government when he says “When you marginalize faith in America,” my question is, can the government REALLY marginalize faith? Does EVERYONE believe in “God-given rights”? I personally believe in God-given natural rights, life, liberty and property; Does the government have the right to step in, discuss, alter or tweak ANY of our God-given natural rights?

Obama has sparked the controversy over social issues lately ever since he announced his compromise on birth control. His compromise is that all jobs must include in their insurance plan the opportunity for any woman to have access to free contraception pills.


I personally think that this is not a good idea. I don’t agree with this simply because it’s bad public policy. Let’s look at this public policy decision made by thee Obama admin from an economic perspective: This policy will hurt our economy greatly! The question is, if birth control becomes free because of the plan that insurance companies will have to follow, who will be paying for this? Insurance companies will have to be paying for all of it! Then that raises the question, okay so it might cost the insurance company a little bit more, but how will that drastically hurt our economy? There’s a simple answer to that… There’s no way that insurance companies have no qualms about giving up their money to pay for something that they will not even receive profit from! So the insurance company will take care of that problem by raising the rates and premiums on their insurance so that they can have some source of more profit to pay for that loss of money spent on the contraception pills. That will look very bad from a micro and macro-economic perspective.


What politicians and public policy creators have to look at is the economic impacts of this piece of public policy… NOT THE RELIGIOUS, MORAL, ETHICAL (etc.) RAMIFICATIONS OF THE POLICY! Why shouldn’t they look at those different outcomes? Simply because it’s not the governments place… It’s not the government’s duty to deal with those different things. I can see where religious people are going with this, but let’s leave all of the controversy up to non-governmental officials or candidates!

Liberty and freedom is the number one thing is this nation today, so lets not strip it from the people of this nation. If a woman is extremely religious and doesn’t believe in contraception pills then she should be able to make the choice to not go get the free birth control pills. Birth control pills are obviously an optional choice in the policy setup by the Obama admin. Why should what the woman puts into her body be up to anyone else but the woman herself? It’s not anyone else’s choice. Not the federal government, state government, local government, a bishop, a priest, a candidate for president in 2012, NOBODY BUT THE WOMAN HERSELF!

The government wasn’t created to regulate your health, but sadly because the governments gotten too massive the government regulates EVERYTHING! If you’re not affecting anyone but yourself with your own personal actions then you shouldn’t be stopped, that’s the true basis of liberty, freedom and justice! That’s the true basis of this nation, but sadly the leaders of this Democratic-Republic have lost all sight and knowledge of what this great nation actually is!