R.I.P. Conservatism

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I came up with a saying that I absolutely love and believe, “Conservatives are social-Nazis and Liberals are economic-ass-clowns!” It means exactly what it says. Conservatives now-a-days are social, moral, ethics and religious Nazis. When I’m referring to Nazis I’m not being extremely literal meaning that Republicans kill thousands of Jews and are horrible people. When using my saying my definition of Nazi is a person (or people) that are controllers or dictators of something or someone. I mean that Conservatives try so hard to be the controllers or dictators of the peoples morals, values and religion. I sometimes get the Conservative movement mixed up with the movement of Christianity, Catholicism or Evangelicalism!

Conservatism is a joke of a political ideology and philosophy. The economic policies of the Conservative movement is sound, but socially… ehh not so much. Conservatism pushes and pushes pro-God… Every message the party is sending out is PRO-GOD! It’s ridiculous. Conservatives don’t uphold the first amendment right to freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is obviously pretty important if it’s apart of the first amendment in our nations Constitution! The founding fathers of this country put that in the Bill of Rights because of King George the third. He oppressed the people of having their own religion, and history has proven giving and forcing any type of society (whether it is a nation, state, city etc.) a universal religion will result in detrimental outcomes. Look at former Queen of England and Ireland, Queen Mary I, aka Bloody Mary! She was a hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool Roman Catholic. She wanted everyone of her nation to be Roman Catholics. There were two primary religions at the time, there were Roman Catholics and Protestants. She killed many Protestants simply because they were Protestants and she wanted them to be Roman Catholics. Conservatives may not be as extreme as Queen Mary I but Conservatives are still control-freaks when it comes to religion, morals and values. It’s one thing to have morals, values and a religion, but it’s completely different to pound those views into other people, it’s unjust and immoral to do such a thing!

Conservatism was a great movement from about 1900 to 1990, and then it just got old and it burnt out. Our nation is a nation that’s modern, our law of the land, the Constitution, is a modern and living document (hence the ‘Elastic Clause’ aka ‘Necessary and Proper Clause’). I like status-quo, I wish there wouldn’t have to be extreme changes in daily life, but sadly, there are tons of changes happening, so therefore the Conservative movement cannot keep up anymore! Although I’m not saying Conservatives need to change every little bit of their platforms and beliefs, what I am saying is their social policies need to be modernized. Sorry to break it to you Conservatives but we don’t live in a nation anymore where it’s the all-mighty-whitey where the woman belongs in the kitchen except for Sundays when you go to church to praise God! America is a melting pot, a salad bowl! We’re a diverse nation now… That does include religious, ethnic, etc. diversity! The Conservative movement will die soon because of how stubborn Conservatives are. They will not change their ways anytime soon!

The latest problem with Conservatives is that they’re not getting less extreme, in a sense they’re getting more extreme! Perfect example is Rick Santorum… He, and many other true Conservatives (not the moderate Republicans), are willing to take public action with public policy and what not just to enforce a moral code upon the society. Santorum wants to triple the child tax-credit to show his pro-family side and anti-gay side! Rick Santorum, ultra-social-Conservative, wants to use economic policies to shape social policies. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this? Conservatives are just shooting themselves in the foot with their social agenda, it’s ridiculous! It’s depressing in a sense. What’s EVEN MORE DEPRESSING is the fact that the spokesperson of the Conservative movement, Rush Limbaugh, is willing to support someone like Rick Santorum!

The title of the video is “Santorum is the last real Conservative standing.” It’s a video of Limbaugh doing his show and he was talking about Santorum and how he’s the last real Conservative standing in the race to get the GOP nomination for the 2012 election. If Santorum is the definition of a “Real Conservative” then the Conservative movement has a serious problem! Here’s the video link…. http://www.therightscoop.com/rush-santorum-is-last-real-conservative-still-standing/

Limbaugh goes onto say, “Does Conservatism have a broad appeal?” The answer is… NO! Conservatism is dying… It won’t go down without a fight, but either way it’s going down. Conservatism has lost its “broad appeal”. Look at Ron Paul, everyone loves him… UNTIL they hear his foreign policy. Conservatism is similar. Conservatism has a great message UNTIL you hear its radical social agenda and religious motives. The Conservative movement lost me once I started to REALLY understand what the movement was about, moral and religious tyranny.

Limbaugh also said during that video, “If Conservatism has to be modified or moderated somehow, why be a Conservative?” But that’s where Rush is confused and lost… Everything at one point in time has to be “modified or moderated somehow,” and if ANYTHING isn’t “modified or moderated somehow” then it will end or die. Conservatism has a “broad appeal” to any older or mid-aged white man… There are those few exceptions of other people who join in on the Conservative movement, but for the most part it’s just old white men! Conservatism primarily only appeals to those people simply because in those peoples generations they were brought up as Conservatives aka believers of God! Now, like I’ve said, there’s more diversity. Not every person is being brought up that way, and there are some people who are being brought up that way but just don’t follow that because it’s old fashioned and outdated! Conservatism has to be modernized. In a previous post I mentioned a National Review magazine article talking about how Conservatism should try freedom and become modernized. That’s exactly what Conservatism needs to do, that would start a new, sensational and successful Conservative movement!

So, all in all Conservatism needs to be updated, or else we will all see the end of the movement sometime soon…