Senate Election 2012: Could the Senate Race be More Significant than the Presidential Election?

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As we all already know this year upcoming election is going to be extraordinarily important. There will be two very significant elections this year; the presidential election and thee Senate election. Both races are equal in importance and in both races the GOP has the opportunity to gain an extremely large amount of political momentum.

The race for the Senate might be even more crucial for the GOP than the presidential election. If the GOP falls short in the presidential election (which will be VERY likely) then they must take the Senate.

The possibility of the GOP taking over the Senate is going to be very conceivable and achievable. The GOP only has 10 seats up for grab in the election while there’s 23 Democratic seats awaiting to be replaced.

“The magic number for Republicans in 2012 is four. The GOP has to pick up just four Senate seats order to gain control of the upper chamber, making this the fourth straight election where the balance of congressional power lies in just a handful of races. And while the election is still more than a year away, the battle lines are already starting to be drawn.” -ABC News

The GOP, like ABC said, must win 4 seats and that won’t be a incongruous and daunting task, but it will be a challenge like nearly all elections.

Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri will be very close “Democrat-defended” races and those states may be the open gate for the GOP to walk through in order to gain political control. But the GOP must also be careful and watch out for the highly contingent outcome of the flip from red to blue in the two following states: Nevada and Massachusetts.

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