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WHAT UP EVERYBODY!?!?! It’s pretty simple who I am… I am Al Davis (READ THE BLUE WORDS BELOW TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME PERSONALLY!!!). My blog title gives the site away. This is obviously a conservative blog, right? ERRRR WRONG ANSWER! I am a flip-flopper like Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. I used to be a conservative. I transferred parties, BUT I’m definitely not a liberal 🙂 I am now a LIBERTARIAN! I am going to create a page on my site called ‘My Transformation’ so my readers can learn more and better understand my transformation of conservative to Libertarian! That page will come out sometime soon.

Back to the info about my blog… This blog ISN’T going to be updated everyday, but I do reassure you that I’ll attempt to update it daily! I don’t have time to daily update my site because I’m 14 years old and I’m trying to manage many things. I am brash and blunt and opinionated… That’s why I have a blog, because in the blogosphere you can be blunt and brash and be very opinionated. But because I am blunt and brash that DOESN’T mean that I am rude. I am friendly to everyone who comments on my site. I reply to nearly every single comment. That’s because I actually care about my readers and what they think. I also have taken off the comment blocker where I have to approve the comments. I feel like that’s just unethical and hypocritical for me to do that! If I say that I have this blog to practice OUR first amendment then why would I try to prevent YOU from practicing the first amendment? I have gotten multiple comments I don’t want to hear… I’ve been called nasty and rude things in my comments and if I don’t get those rude things said to me in the comments I get hate mail (NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME HATE MAIL PLEASE DO, SEND IT TO idiotsontheleftblog@gmail.com)

So now you all know about my blog and now you know what I’m going to do for all of you I’m going to ask of ALL of my readers (frequent/loyal readers, first time readers, fans, haters etc.) to d0 6 SIMPLE THINGS FOR ME!

  1. Comment: Give me feedback, insight, insults, love, say hey etc. I’m asking of you to do this because if nobody says anything then I don’t know if what I’m doing is right and wrong! So please, help me out!
  2. Polls: Please respond to my polls. My polls will generally either be in the left sidebar at the top OR in blog posts. The way you can tell if the blog post is a poll it’ll say in the title, “POLL:” and then it will go on to tell you what the polling content is. I want my readers to poll so I can feel important like Gallup or Real Clear Politics 😉 Just kidding… but I like you to poll so I can create content based on the polls which would create content based on what my readers ACTUALLY care about!
  3. Social Media: Please, please, please follow my Twitter (@idiotsontheleft). If you follow my Twitter you will get good updates concerning current events, my blog, and my personal self! And it also shows that you care 🙂
  4. Subscribe: Subscribe to my blog via-email or via-WordPress if you have a WordPress account. Subscribing keeps you up to date with real-time updates on my blog AND I’m working on setting up a newsletter for all of my subscribers! The newsletter contains MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT!
  5. Outreach: Outreach to all of your family, friends, co-workers etc. If you feel like someone you know would like my site and my content then please do tell that person about my site! It really feels good to me when I work hard on my blog and I have readers and fans… so please, help me and my site out!
  6. DONATE!!!: Please donate! I am, like I said, only 14 years old. I use my allowance and money on school lunch so I don’t have enough money to reach my blogging goal… get my own domain and start self-hosting! I cannot do that without money… So please be generous and help me out! 🙂


About me, the creator of IOLB! Well first of all, my name is Al. I am 14 years old and I love writing a politics. I’m in high school and my top two classes are…

  1. CIVICS: I love Civics class because I have an AMAZING teacher. I really enjoy her class because she allows a lot of discussion concerning the content and she makes the class fun! Even if I didn’t have an awesome teacher I’d still adore Civics, but my teacher just makes it that much better 🙂
  2. ENGLISH: English is great. I have a cool teacher and I love to write (hence the blog). English consists of reading and writing, but I hate reading fiction books. I don’t have reading in general, I love to read political science books, philosophy books, economic books, biographies etc…. non-fiction in general. So I only enjoy that class when I’m writing and doing research projects. I’d enjoy the class 10x more if we ever got to read non-fiction!!!

Al Davis

When I’m not in school I’m having fun with friends or family. I only play one sport… BASEBALL! I love baseball. I play outfield and third base and pitch on occasion. My favorite MLB team is the New York Mets. I also enjoy watching some other sports like hockey, football and basketball. I also LOVE hunting. I primarily go deer, elk and pheasant hunting. I also LOVE music! I listen to all sorts of music. I listen to mainly classic rock (AC/DC, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Styx, Ratt, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin etc.) My favorite band though is The Doors (JIM MORRISON IS THE MAN!) I also like SOME rap and country. My second favorite genre though is alternative/new rock.


Please contact me! I am a friendly guy, very outgoing, and I LOVE to socialize. So E-Mail me, hit me up on Twitter, play some X-Box Live with me or lets Skype. I would love to talk about hunting, outdoors, politics, sports, music OR ANYTHING ELSE!

Twitter- @idiotsontheleft

X-Box 36o Gamertag- LMD29

Email Addresses- idiotsontheleftblog@gmail.com OR lmdavis15tvhs@gmail.com

Skype- lddavis42

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