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Talk About Social Program Cuts

May 14, 2012 by


“The House on Thursday passed a measure that would spare the Pentagon from looming cuts by making deeper cuts to social programs. But Congress isn’t expected to get serious about altering the debt deal’s $109 billion sequester until after the November election.”-Christian Science Monitor In order for our nation to get back into order there […]

Obama’s Joke of a Jobs Plan Fails In Congress (Miserably)

October 3, 2011 by


  Obama’s cute lil’ jobs plan wasn’t a huge hit in Congress. I guess it was a real shame the Democratic party spent all that advertising money on such a stupid plan. When I read the plan I thought a socialistic Afghan hound wrote the bill, sure enough a socialistic Afghan hound did write the […]

Jobs Plan: John Boehner Is Helping Barack Obama!

August 31, 2011 by


House Speaker John Boehner threw a serious procedural brushback pitch at President Barack Obama late Wednesday — urging Obama to delay his hastily called Sept. 7 address to Congress by a day to avoid “parliamentary and logistical” problems. –Politico Article Barack Obama needs to take this advice from GOP House Speaker, John Boehner. And like Politico said, “hastily called […]

Cut, Cap and Balance…. The REAL Solution!

July 18, 2011 by


CUTS Today Can Disappear Tomorrow…. With A BALANCED BUDGET Amendment! Tomorrow July 19th 2011 the House Of Representatives will be voting on a bill that contain the steps that ARE NECESSARY to solve this debt problem! “What is this oh so great bill?” GREAT QUESTION! This bill is titled Cut, Cap and Balance (H.R. 2560). […]


May 23, 2011 by


Nancy Pelosi is a bad woman... she has been known to steal candy from babies, burn U.S.A. flags, AND EVEN WORSE THEN ALL OF THAT... SHE IS ALLOWED TO REPRESENT THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA!

1% Spending Reduction Act Of 2011 Balance Fed Budget?

May 19, 2011 by


H.R.1848, the “Spending Reduction Act 2011”, was introduced to the house nine days ago, on May 10 by Florida Representative (GOP) Connie Mack. This bill was introduced “To prevent a fiscal crisis by enacting legislation to balance the Federal budget through reductions of discretionary and mandatory spending.” (from official text of bill H.R.1848). This bills […]

GOPers Don’t Want Feds Regulations to Hurt Economy ANYMORE!

May 18, 2011 by


“We just can’t continue to have unintended consequences play out in the way that they have,” Cantor said. “We’re going to try and stop that.”. Those two quotes are from Rep. Eric Cantor (Republican) as he talks about the recent bill house will vote on. The bill that was brought forward for the house to […]