Anthony Weiner… Scandal, Cheater, and Liar

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If you haven’t heard yet, Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner, decided to show everyone else his penis! Even stupider is the Idiot On the Left decided to tell everyone about a week ago that his Twitter account got hacked and that was not him! But, we now know, it was obviously him! The picture from his Twitter account was of Anthony’s left thigh showing his penis in his underwear. Not only were pictures of him clothed sent out… but pictures of him with cats, his shirt off, and him in his birthday suit. COULD THIS BE WORSE THEN THE TIME BILL CLINTON COULDN’T KEEP HIS DICK IN HIS PANTS?!

  • Who saw Anthony’s wiener?
  • What should this raunchy liberals punishment be?
  • What’s this going to do to the Democrats?


There was six women he had contact with online… his wife had found out.

  • Porn Star Ginger Lee
  • 26 Year Old, Single Mom, Meagan Broussard
  • Lisa Weiss, a black jack dealer from Las Vegas
  • One Other Woman (Name Unsure Yet)
  • Two Other Women (Unsure Who Yet)

Democrat Anthony Weiner

Ginger Lee’s story: Ginger Lee had received a DM (Twitter talk for direct message, not public) from Anthony Weiner on March 13th after she started following him… Anthony claims it’s normal for you to get a DM because he sends promos to EVERYONE who follows him. The message just basically, according to Weiner, thanks for the follow and check out my site for updates. Ginger was thrilled by this DM and wanted everyone to know so her tweet to let everyone know just got everyone suspicious, her official tweet was, “You know it’s a good day when you wake up to a DM from @RepWeiner. (I’m a fangirl, y’all, he’s my trifecta of win.)”. The porn star refuses to answer if there was any pictures of Anthony’s, newly-famous, wiener. Anthony also followed Ginger for a short period of time till someone on Twitter pointed out that Anthony was following a porn star. Ginger was also asked to lie for Weiner and Weiner said he would help… as a matter a fact, he coached her on how to do it! Ginger is still sticking to her original story…

Meagan Broussard’s story: Meagan said that she received about five pictures. Meagan had talked to Sean Hannity tonight on “Hannity” on Fox News Channel. There was a picture of him and his cat, and he referred to his cat as a “pussy”. A shirtless pic of him. A COMPLETELY naked pic of Weiner. A few normal pictures of him. And, the one revealed first, of him and his penis showing through his underwear. Meagan finds this kind of odd and weird but she didn’t think any of it at the time. She never met with him in person but they did talk on the phone.

Lisa Weiss’s story: She said that she had sent explicit photos to Weiner and that Weiner sent some explicit photos. She said that she loved and still loves Weiner for his political thoughts!

What should this raunchy liberals punishment be?

Anthony Weiner....

I am 100% with the Republicans on this issue (I know it’s not a shock… when am I not agreeing with the Republicans… AND YOU LIBERALS CANNOT CALL ME A RACIST FOR MY OPINION ON WEINER!). The GOP believes Weiner should just resign. Of course, the Dems do not agree with the GOP and the Democrats say, no, we will not make him resign, we need an ethics investigation! I completed the investigation Pelosi requested when I first read the story… ANTHONY=BAD MAN AND PERVERT. HE IS IMMORAL. HE WENT AGAINST GOOD ETHICS AND MADE TERRIBLE JUDGEMENT. HE LIED AT FIRST AND IS NOW TELLING THE TRUTH. ANTHONY SHOULD RESIGN. It’s stupid to do an ethics investigation. Anthony came out and, finally, told the truth! What is there to honestly prove? Why waste the tax payers money on this investigation Nancy, you dumb cow. Anthony needs to just resign.

What’s this going to do to the DNC?


The Democrats will probably be frowned upon now. This makes them look bad because, before the incident, Dems supported this man! Did the Democrats know he was going to do this? No they didn’t. That’s why the Dems need to force Weiner to resign. The Democrats seem like they’re trying to help out Weiner by not making him resign and by beating around the bush. Even though Harry Reid says he doesn’t support him and even though Nancy Pelosi is enforcing a ethics investigation, they still seem as if they’re behind Weiner. That’s how it seems to me… I bet this will affect the 2012 election for Democrats, obviously destroy Weiners political career, and make the DNC in general look terrible for having this perv in their party! Democrats are getting unwanted and non-necessary attention… this attention is negative and I believe the consequences to all of this will be negative. I think if the Democrats want to avoid any negative consequences they need Weiner to resign IMMEDIATELY!

All in all Anthony Weiner is an unfaithful man to his wife and he makes our great American nation look like shit. Resign Weiner, resign!

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